Money Magic for Empaths

Money Magic for Empaths

Money is a problem for most Empaths.

There are 3 main reasons for this.

1.  As sensors, we usually carry the strongest DNA Patterns of our family’s money imbalances. Whether your family is wealthy or struggles financially, you probably carry an energy signature about money that doesn’t fit YOUR true money energy.

2. Empaths are an advertiser’s wet dream. We are easily manipulated through emotions, so throw a puppy or a happy ending in the ad, and we’re sold! We also feel the lack emotions that others who watch the ad or see the products are feeling. AGH!

3. We see through the money manipulation, and we HATE it, even while we feel powerless to do anything about it. This often leads to a subconscious rejection of money as an entire system, creating dysfunctional energy cords.

Yet I believe we are truly the most qualified to handle money wisely.

Money is energy.

Energy is our JAM, as Empaths! So money should be no different. I get it, that’s not your everyday reality right now… and sometimes it’s not mine either. Like right now. My exact bank balance is $0.11.

But as an Empath who has learned to use my sensitivity to MANIFEST, I know that the emptiness in my bank account is for the purpose of expanding how much I’m willing to receive. And I feel zero panic.

What is this sorcery, you ask?

It’s Money Magic for Empaths! We can’t earn, make, create, or receive money in the same way the majority of humans do. It just doesn’t feel good, and it’s a half-assed use of our energy.

Principles of Money Magic for Empaths:

  • How you FEEL about money is how you will receive it. This means if you feel depressed about money, your pile of physical resources gets squashed. If you’re panicked about not having enough, emergent bills and disasters will show up to swallow every penny of panic money. (EEK!)
  • CHANGING how you feel about money will 100% change how much money can get to you. Joy is an energy of massive expansion, so joy about money flips the magnetism from money leaking out to money flowing in!
  • Your feelings are powerful creators. Use them wisely!

At every point, even when an advertiser is using emotional connection to sell you a product, you have a CHOICE about what you attatch to the emotional connection.

Will you join in with everyone who feels a subconscious and deep longing and lack, and frustration around money?

Or will you choose to connect your emotional energy directly to your Source of Abundance… the Infinite Universe?!

I have found that walking through a department store during the holiday season often induces panic attacks and very intense feelings of lack for myself and other Empaths.

Lack is a selling tool used by all marketers, year-round… including some Spiritual professionals, in order to prompt us to buy. It can reach overwhelming proportions here in the U.S. at Christmas, but it’s not always used inappropriately.

When someone points out that a service or product will benefit you, that’s a helpful use of “lack.” It simply points out an awareness, and offers it to you. It may be offered to you many many times before you see its value, but eventually you do, and your life improves.

Unfortunately, most marketing is aggressive in nature. It deliberately switches your emotional triggers in order to heighten or even falsely create your need for the product. THIS is the distinction we must have as Empaths in order to maintain clear and empowered use of our money energy!

One of the best ways to do this is to connect your feelings and emotions around money, a specific purchase, or a bill that needs to be paid, with your Future Self. Ask her what feeling SHE has about money, the item you want to purchase, or your rent payment.

Remember, your Future Self already exists, and she has 20/20 hindsight on your situation right now. She’s already been through it. Ask her for advice, and watch the Money Magic flourish!

And my own $0.11 bank balance? My Future Self is laughing and showing me how I had to empty the account so it could upgrade and hold more. MUCH, MUCH MORE!

I can be without panic because I FEEL my Future Self and the abundance she lives in. And my Future Self is becoming my NOW self.

So let’s take a leap of faith together, and make some Money Magic!

Hi there, my name is Isis,

I help sensitive women elevate their lives by eliminating self-limitations + getting spiritually connected, even if they're feeling completely stuck!

I have mastered the art of f*cking up, and I'm an expert at energy magic (aka Reiki). My superpower is taking the aftermath of a terrible idea and making a miracle out of it.

The only thing I love more than transforming my own piles of poop is helping bada$$ rule-breaking women slay their own limitations and elevate their lives!


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10 Boundary Boo-Boos That Will Cost You

10 Boundary Boo-Boos That Will Cost You

Healthy boundaries are essential to success.

That’s why having a Boundary Boo-Boo will cost you – energetically, financially, and even physically. ESPECIALLY if you have a Spiritual business.


Here are the Boundary Boo-Boos that cost you BIG-TIME.


Many people subconsciously assume a boundary is a wall or a fence, designed to keep out a certain behavior, type of person, or energy. This invests your energy into pushing against what you do not want – and thus, you’ll always be face to face with it. OOPS!

This drains your energy quickly, defeats your sense of hope, and effectively isolates you from those who would like to help, since no one can get through a wall of energy without your permission.

You may think your “wall” is only for the clients and energies you DON’T want, so everyone else should be able to get through. This may be true, but too often, once the energy is invested in wall-building, the differentiation between friend and foe becomes fuzzier and the wall becomes more solid.


This costs you opportunity, networks, support, and creativity. These are the essential building blocks to success, so I’d say boundary walls rob you pretty hardcore.


Symptoms of a Boundary Wall Boo-Boo: You’re easily frustrated when you attract a client who’s not a good fit, and may spend a lot of time thinking about and clarifying who you don’t feel good about working with, and list many justifications for not working with them.


Yet your less than ideal client still calls… or your clientele has dried up and no one’s booked for weeks. A sense of dissatisfaction, boredom, or resentment with your work in another sign of boundary walls.


Energy Bandage: Think of your energy “wall” as a magnetic invitation to the CLIENTS and energies you DO want to experience. It is a far more fulfilling, joyful, and regenerating use of your energy.


Spend as much time as possible thinking about those clients you adore working with, and the ways you best like to work. Let yourself feel happy and excited as you imagine your energy inviting your ideal clients to experience empowerment, healing and comfort.


What about the ones you want to avoid?


With your energy field broadcasting an invite to your ideal clients and situations, lower energy interactions naturally drop away.


If a less desirable energy is present, you must be building a wall to hold it out. Switch the wall’s frequency to the energy you DO want, and watch it shift before you.


Another common boo-boo is the idea that a list of rules for people to follow when they’re around you is a healthy boundary.What really happens is that you end up playing cop, running around enforcing your list of rules when people inevitably do or say the wrong thing.

A fear of losing control is a characteristic of the “list of rules” boundary dysfunction.


Your boundaries and rules may be very healthy in and of themselves, but the need to list and enforce them is a lack of trust that they will be respected.


This costs you time, energy and most of all, your sanity!


Boo-Boo Symptoms: Attracting clients who cancel last minute, don’t follow through on payment, and generally need a lot of “policing” to follow the flow of your business. Feeling like you have to “help them learn” to follow the rules, and resentment at the disrespect of your time, energy and money.


Energy Bandage: Affirm your trust in the Universe to take the boundaries you have set and hold them for you so that no one and nothing can “break the law” in your energy space.


The key here is applying trust and relaxing your body and energy so that the Universe can flow with all-powerful energy through and around you, enforcing your boundaries on your behalf.


Your clients will pay up immediately when you assign the Universe as your Bounty Hunter, and they will keep their commitments to you and themselves when you trust your commitment to your own boundaries.


As highly sensitive and empathic women, we often assume that what we need and desire is “common sense,” or that others should be able to pick up the signs in our manerisms and energy. We are so in tune with others’ boundaries beyond what they say or request, that we expect others to do the same for us.Unfortunately, that’s not always a realistic expectation, unless you live in a psychic community, and even then, it’s certainly not a guarantee!

This boundary boo-boo is characterized by feeling like emotions and needs aren’t respected, and anger or frustration at not being seen/valued.


Mostly your cost is disempowerment. A clear, fully expressed need or desire is a healthy boundary, and the most powerful good you can do in the world!


Boo-Boo Symptoms: Clients may overload on you with energy or emotion. Having difficulty verbalizing boundaries means expecting the client to regulate how much they share rather than setting those boundaries clearly, placing you in the path of their personal shitstorm. No bueno.


You also probably have a hard time finishing a session on-time, because you are empathically signalling the end of the session, without verbally closing it out. You may also feel resentment towards self or clients with this type of boundary blurring.


Energy Bandage: Acknowledge that your may not be communicating your boundaries and needs clearly to others, and make an effort to effectively communicate those needs.


If this is difficult or induces anxiety for you, it is likely that you have had a boundary trauma, where expressing your desires and needs was met with an intense, negative response.


The nervous system then learned that having boundaries was dangerous, and your requests wouldn’t be respected.


You will need to do some extra re-programming of your energy, emotional, and nervous systems to fully shift the problem.


Please contact me if you want to know more about re-programming your energy, emotions and nervous system.


It’s not that you don’t have boundaries, it’s just you don’t always trust them. Are they too strict? Not strict enough? Are you helping people or hurting them?This is a boundary issue with CHOICE. Choice creates strong boundaries, and second guessing your choices puts your overall boundaries into glitch mode.

Worrying about making the wrong choice that will destroy your boundaries/client relationships/business actually turns off the energy forcefield of magnetic attraction that healthy boundaries are.


So Boundary Validation costs you by slowing down or stopping the process of receiving and experiencing money, clients, appreciation, value, joy.


Boo-Boo Symptoms: You often find yourself wondering if your boundaries are too strict and driving people away. Do your clients still like you?


When you create anything that means something to you (like your website, your healing sessions or readings, the name for the book you want to write) you ask your friends/partner/biz group their opinion.


On. Every. Freaking. Detail. Eleventy. Billion. Times.


We love you boo, but YOU gotta validate YOU!


Energy Bandage: Acknowledge that others’ opinions are helpful, but not essential.


When someone’s opinions matter more than your own, you have given them control over your boundaries, your energy, your LIFE! EEK!


It’s time to trust your intuition AND the way you follow it, and validate your own brilliant ideas!


If your idea/creation doesn’t feel brilliant, don’t ask anyone’s opinion. Dig deeper and connect to Spirit until you discover the gem you LOVE to show off in confidence!


Judging the things you don’t like/want as wrong is another way people set boundaries when it’s difficult to express what they really want or need.Criticism, moral superiority, and elitism can be direct or subtle ways to create a boundary to “keep out” what we do not want.

Obviously, this is not a fun boundary boo-boo to acknowledge you have, but I think we all play with this one a bit sometimes.


The cost is deep and painful. Whatever you judge in someone else gets heaped on you too in energy form, simply because you’re entertaining the energy of judgment.


Boo-Boo Symptoms: You find yourself thinking of your non-ideal client as not evolved enough to work with you, bashing other therapies/diets/beliefs as wrong or bad, refusing to associate with people/clients who aren’t acting the way they “should.”


This is spiritual ego at its finest, and it can get really ugly, dressed up in words of Love and Light.


Energy Bandage: Extreme self-honesty is needed here. Every judgment we have towards something external is actually a judgment of some part of self.


The solution here is to identify and lift the self judgment, so that we can love ourselves deeply enough that our needs, desires and boundaries express themselves naturally, no holding back.


We’ve all known someone who sets a boundary, and does or expects something completely different. It’s maddening, isn’t it?

We’ve all done it too. Claimed we were on a diet, then bought ice cream… Told someone we would do something by Monday, then procrastinated and pushed it to Tuesday… the list goes on and on.

This pattern happens when you have an underlying expectation of your boundaries being challenged, blocked, or rejected. You go ahead and move your own boundaries before you can experience that difficulty.


The cost here is obvious. You’ll never feel satisfied, valued, or appreciated until you prioritize your own needs and desires for satisfaction, value and appreciation.


It can also happen in the reverse. You set a boundary for your new employee to “show up on time.” Yet your real expectation is that “on time” means 15 minutes early, and when they show up on the hour instead of 15 before, you penalize them.


Yes, this has happened to me. As the employee. On the second day of work.


What did that false boundary from my boss cost her? My respect, my trust, and my faith that we had a friendly relationship and common goals.


False boundaries are costly to everyone, no matter the situation!


Boo-Boo Symptoms: You set boundaries, and just as easily justify changing them, or expect more than was clearly stated.


For example:
You tell a client a package is $5,000 but because it’s the third Tuesday, the moon is half full, and you really like them, you’ll give them a 50% discount.


Your cancellation policy is 24 hours advance notice, but you let that client cancel for a “car accident” 15 minutes into every damn appointment, without penalty.


Energy Bandage: The only thing challenging and blocking your boundaries is your own expectation that it will happen.


Suspend your belief that the client will ask for a discount, or that the canceling client won’t pay/will get mad/won’t ever come back. Just for 5 minutes imagine that your clients (and everyone else, including yourself) honors your boundaries without saying a word. Imagine it until it happens.


And when it happens, your clients may even thank you for giving them such clear, easy to follow boundaries so they can work with you and honor your gifts.


Sometimes your boundaries are GREAT, no problem, you let your clients know what you need them to do or not do, they say ok, all is well.Other times, your boundaries are non-existent. Clients walk all over you, every session goes over by half an hour, you forget to eat lunch, and you crash out.

Ooops, super sensi Empath… you’re mirroring the boundaries of the people you’re around! Take a look at WHO it is you have good boundaries with, and who you don’t.


When you’re on a call with a client who has great boundaries around time, they naturally wind the session up FOR you, and you never have to assert your boundaries, so it SEEMS like you’re doing a great job.


In fact, you’re seeing what it’s like to HAVE great boundaries… but you may not be holding the vibration on your own. You’re sharing it with your client.


Conversely, you may find you have great boundaries only with clients who obviously have an issue, and around clients with great boundaries, yours go out the window. This is the opposite/reverse mirror effect.


Mirror Boundaries cost you the power of choice in how much you make, how easily your time is valued, and how much you are appreciated for your contribution.


You’ll never feel satisfied when you’re mirroring someone else’s boundaries, because they’re naturally different than yours, even when they’re healthy.


I don’t know about you, but I want my income to be satisfying!


Boo-Boo Symptoms: Sometimes you’re on-point, boundaries are blazing, other times you feel like a doormat. Your boundaries are at the mercy of who you’re with.


You often don’t feel strong enough to stick to your boundaries (desires and needs) without someone else sharing the same boundaries OR to reflect off of.


Energy Bandage: When your energy boundaries are great, check and see if you’re sharing your energy of good boundaries with someone who has great boundaries!


If so, take it as a vibrational learning experience, and affirm your own healthy boundaries while intenting they be associated with the great feeling of boundaries you’re experiencing.


When your energy boundaries aren’t so great, take note of who else’s energy may be involved. If there is an issue of energy sharing, affirm your own healthy boundaries, while intending they REPLACE your current feelings of boundaries.


Half-Assed Boundaries are fully formed on one level of awareness, but not agreed upon by all aspects of consciousness.

For example, logically you know that your prices are fair, and there’s no reason to worry your clients won’t pay. Yet people constantly ask you to discount your services, you feel sick about it all, and would rather avoid it.

Or perhaps you feel very strongly that a client or aquaintance isn’t being truthful, or is manipulating circumstances, but there is no logical proof, so you force yourself to trust them.


Half-Assed Boundaries often wound us doubly, because there is a wound from the situation where our boundaries are being infringed upon, and then on a deeper level, ourselves for not fully standing up for ourselves.


A great deal of self-forgiveness and loving compassion is necessary if you’ve been living with Half-Assed boundaries.


The real cost here is to your sense of self-value. When you hold back from going all-in on believing in yourself and your needs, desires and boundaries, every aspect of success takes a hit.


Boo-Boo Symptoms: You notice a physical sense of illness/anxiety around the problem, even when healthy boundaries seem to be in place. OR you over-rationalize the problem and feel embarrassment or weak over the emotional and physical sensations experienced.


Negative results despite positive attraction work are a symptom, as well as a rollercoaster of positive and negative results.


Energy Bandage: When setting a boundary, it must be agreed upon with the mental, emotional and intuitive/physical intellects.


This means set it in your mind, then bring it into your heart and refine it until it feels loving and freeing to the heart.


Then bring it into your root (hint: this is the part where we engage the FULL ASS) so that around your hips and butt you feel strong, stable and confident in this boundary.


Make a commitment that whatever you do you will choose this full body sensation of strong boundaries for yourself.


For some, setting the boundary is not a problem. But when the boundary is pushed, even inadvertently by someone loved and trusted, the response is an explosion.This is a Triggered Boundary.

The wave of emotional response to the boundary being pressed is often so intense that the boundary never truly gets communicated.


Instead the emotional response takes over, costing you relationships, opportunities, and ultimately, the easy, joyful flow of income.


Boo-Boo Symptoms: Your client/friend/partner/kid really knows how to push your buttons, and when your boundaries are being crossed, the response is purely emotional, usually fiery hot anger. It always ends ugly, with either you hurting, and the other person winning the boundary battle, or your emotions exploding.


Energy Bandage: This boundary trigger is never about the situation that’s currently happening. These responses are the effect of long-term and usually childhood boundary trauma that has never been emotionally resolved.


In order to stop the cycle and reclaim your power, it is essential to express the emotions of anger, resentment, panic and survival shock that you felt when someone in power didn’t respect your boundaries, minimized them, or exploded when you had needs and desires.


Boundaries are not walls. They are energetic and emotional expressions of needs and desires. We all have them, we all have a right to have and feel our own needs and desires, making up our boundary energy.


In the past, someone else’s energy boundaries (exploding, limiting your expression, minimizing your needs, etc) were hurtful, and you may have vowed to have boundaries that hurt others.


So when someone pushes back against your boundaries, the inner child still struggling with the wound of boundary trauma judges that you are hurting them, and forces you to play that role.


It’s time to release those old emotions and create new ways of expressing needs and desires so your boundaries can be strong. Please contact me if you want to know more about the healing process.


Sometimes no matter how much work you do on boundaries, the moment a topic you struggle with pops up (like money, or ending sessions on time, or someone’s expectations), you find yourself completely losing yourself.It’s like paralysis, or leaving your body and going into a total state of numbness where thinking and reasoning are impossible.

This boundary boo-boo suggests the presence of an idea or belief so painful or against our core Truth that we literally cannot live with it. So our consciousness leaves us until this thought is gone.


Dissociating Boundaries around money or client interactions is one of the highest costs you’ll pay. Not dealing with the situation seriously slows down or stops income, piles on late fees, and closes the door on new financial opportunities.


If you have a pattern of dissociating boundaries when the topic of money comes up, please get help immediately. You don’t have to struggle with this alone.


Boo-Boo Symptoms: You totally check-out. Maybe a sense of anxiety or panic in deep center of the body, with an overall paralysis or heaviness in the body or pressing down upon you.


It might feel like trying to move through water. Sounds may be muffled, and time may slow down.


Emotions are generally difficult to pinpoint, if felt at all. Depression may coincide with this state, especially when prolonged.


Energy Bandage: The process of healing this boundary boo-boo can be long or short. The key is self compassion.


There is likely a subconscious stream of criticism for why you can’t be present and just deal with this going on, because the longer a dissociation boundary pattern continues the more frustrating it becomes.


The source reason for the boundary dissociation protection/coping mechanism needs to be discovered and healed before the boundary can be strengthened.


Please work with a trained energy mentor/spiritual conselor who works multidimensionally to help feel safe enough to untangle the problem without dissociating. It doesn’t have to be a scary or frustrating journey!


I offer these services and am happy to chat with you about your specific situation. Please request a free 30min consultation here.



Now it’s time take steps to heal your boundaries.
You don’t have to keep paying for every boo-boo that happens!



Tell me in the comments below, so you don’t have to keep struggling with it alone!


Hi there, my name is Isis,

I help sensitive women elevate their lives by eliminating self-limitations + getting spiritually connected, even if they're feeling completely stuck!

I have mastered the art of f*cking up, and I'm an expert at energy magic (aka Reiki). My superpower is taking the aftermath of a terrible idea and making a miracle out of it.

The only thing I love more than transforming my own piles of poop is helping bada$$ rule-breaking women slay their own limitations and elevate their lives!


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Calm Chaos with Affirmations of Safety

Calm Chaos with Affirmations of Safety

Pretty words and affirmations seem useless in the midst of a storm.

Yet when applied consistently, Affirmations can be a rock to cling to, and a light to follow out of the darkness.

Chaos and emotional turmoil are common in our everyday lives, and they can seriously cause low energy, confusion, boundary issues, and out of whack intuition.

But the storm doesn’t have to suck you in.

You can learn to use the power of the storm to fuel your positive intentions. You can clarify your intuition and hone your gifts, embracing the storm as a powerful cleansing.

This is especially important when using powerful Affirmations of Truth. Affirmations have the power to transform every aspect of our lives by igniting and drawing forth our best qualities.

Where most people get stuck is the storm of emotions that Affirmations reveal.

Repeating an Affirmation of safety when a hurricane is rattling the windows would make anyone feel frustrated or disbelieving – the Affirmation and the feeling of the situation are quite opposite!

Yet the Affirmation is simply revealing the emotions that hold the external situation in place. Fear feeds the hurricane, and the cycle keeps spinning.

This is as true for an actual hurricane as it is for the storm of a breakup, or tornado of old family patterns playing out yet again.

The key is to be more stubborn than the fear/discomfort.

Every time it rears its head, simply repeat the Affirmation with as much certainty as you can muster. You are practicing being stronger than the storm with your peace of mind. This is how we make Miracles.

I read an article this week, where a prominent spiritual leader said that Affirmations are dangerous. And to be honest with you, I agreed with him.

His claim is that focusing only on the positive causes us to avoid feeling all of our emotions. If you focus on Affirmations and ignore the feelings that surface, you certainly are stirring a recipe of disaster.

The power in Affirmations lies in their ability to REPLACE the feelings that aren’t True. All of our emotions deserve to be felt.

In fact, emotions cannot shift and transform UNTIL they are felt!

The underlying cause of any storm, physical or emotional, is a judgment of feelings. That judgment starts building a pressure until it is released.

Affirmations actually give us an opportunity to release the pressure and disperse the building storm of energy, emotion and confusion.

By giving us a powerful Truth to cling to, we can be certain that the storm of emotions, judgments and stuff we’d rather ignore will NOT suck us in.

As we continue repeating the affirmation through the storm, the emotions move through, the energies release, and our Spiritual connection returns.

No matter what your personal storm is at the moment, a few Affirmations of Safety will help calm your mind and body, allowing your Truth to reveal itself and calm the chaos. Here are a few of my favorites

I AM safe wherever I AM. 

Where I AM, God is.

Nothing can alter my Infinite, Eternal Truth.

There is no problem without a solution.

The Universe is my reflection.

I AM calm and safe, now and always.

God did not create chaos, so it cannot exist. 

I choose to see Truth in place of all chaos, now and all ways.

I like to practice my Affirmations while walking along the beach, or moving my body through yoga poses.

It’s a great way to clear some of the emotional energy that may be blocking the Affirmation from “settling” in the body.

The more you cultivate a sense of safety in the body, the eaier you can Affirm you are safe in chaotic or frightening situations.

With fear reactions calmed, the creative and intuitive parts of us can act with confidence, working with our Guidance to solve problems with ease + magic.

What personal storms are threatening YOUR sense of safety?
Tell me in the comments below, and I’ll send you a bit of Reiki and Affirm you are safe, cared for, and Divinely Guided!

Hi there, my name is Isis,

I help sensitive women elevate their lives by eliminating self-limitations + getting spiritually connected, even if they're feeling completely stuck!

I have mastered the art of f*cking up, and I'm an expert at energy magic (aka Reiki). My superpower is taking the aftermath of a terrible idea and making a miracle out of it.

The only thing I love more than transforming my own piles of poop is helping bada$$ rule-breaking women slay their own limitations and elevate their lives!


Want to magically manifest extra $$$ for the Holidays?

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29 Symptoms of Eclipse Hangover… and the extremely simple ‘cure’

29 Symptoms of Eclipse Hangover… and the extremely simple ‘cure’

How many of these symptoms do you have?

  1. Abnormally sleepy or tired, difficulty staying awake.
  2. Physically exhausted or weaker than usual.
  3. Feeling heavy, like your legs weigh 1,000 pounds.
  4. Unexplained sadness or emotional outbursts
  5. Dizziness or confusion
  6. Brain fog
  7. Difficulty remembering common words
  8. Lack of appetite
  9. Extra appetite
  10. Sudden change in dietary tastes
  11. Feeling like you’ve had a dream you can’t quite remember
  12. Insomnia
  13. Waking at odd hours in the night
  14. Seeing recurring numbers on the clock
  15. Restlessness
  16. Extreme amounts of energy
  17. Overwhelm
  18. Thoughts on loop
  19. Feeling of “prickles” on the skin
  20. Unexplained rashes or skin sensitivity
  21. Cold + Flu symptoms
  22. Headache, especially in the sides of the head
  23. Nausea, particularly in the morning and at bedtime
  24. Digestive discomfort or diarrhea
  25. Panic attacks
  26. Anxieties or fears you didn’t have before
  27. Want to avoid people and crowds
  28. Extra sensitive to light/sound
  29. Frustrated or angry, unusual outbursts


If you are experiencing more than 3 of these symptoms right now, you may have an ‘Eclipse Hangover.’ The Solar Eclipse, beyond being magnificent to watch, did something to our energy systems, even if we were nowhere near the Totality.

Friends of mine in Australia reported waking up in the middle of the night (for them) at the exact moment of Totality during the Great American Solar Eclipse. WHAT?!

Solar Eclipses are powerful portals for energetic ‘Solar Codes’ to download into our consciousness, as well as our physical bodies, assisting us in our awakening and empowerment journey. It’s a GOOD thing, I promise!

Here are the most common reasons for an eclipse hangover:

  • You received all these HUGE energies, and your system didn’t know what to do with it, so now you’re feeling FRIED. Overwhelm, confusion, dizziness and exhaustion are the symptoms of a short circuited energy system. Time to ground that energy down, baby!
  • You’re an empath, so you feel the energies and emotions of EVERYONE who just “woke up” with this wave of Solar Codes and is going WTF just happened?! It feels like your own awakening all over again, and you probably don’t like it at all! You’ll probably be ticking off every number on the list above, because you’re feeling everyone’s symptoms on top of your own. YIKES! Time to reverse that magnetism.
  • You’ve been giving someone or something power over you. Whether you were aware you were doing this or not, the contract of disempowerment ended with this eclipse, so you’re free now. It’s going to feel WEIRD and probably scary too. Anxiety and headaches, nausea and digestive discomfort are probably going to be your biggest symptoms.

These particular Solar Codes are designed to awaken within us ALL the Light of Divine Sovereignty. No longer do we need to look to a ruler, a religious figure, president, or any other leader than the Truth within our hearts that we receive through our intuition, and enact with our brains and bodies. WE are the savior we have waited for.

Each one of us is ready to be the Divine Co-Creator of our lives. This means we decide what we want, and we trust we will receive it, exactly as we asked for.

It also means that we will begin to look at what we are asking for, and choose more and more from love than from fear. We will begin to surrender the final decision to our Infinite Self… Source/God/Goddess/Universe, to upgrade our request at every turn. And we will cultivate a sense of Trust we have longed for since before we had words for it.

This is all going to shake things up for us a bit, as we are used to asking for what we think we are allowed to receive, worthy of receiving, etc. etc.

So your Eclipse Hangover?!

It’s the combination of all your requests to the Universe that aren’t in your highest good, coming back on you. Not to punish you… just the effect of your choices.

Not so different from a night at the pub.

So here’s my super simple, easy peasy Energy Hangover ‘Cure.’ Ready?

1x Guided Chakra Clearing Meditation – FREE Download

1x Happy Outcome Intention – “I dedicate this day to a Happy Outcome.”

1x Statement of Release – “Everything in my way, Cancel, Clear, Delete!”

1x Divine DNA Activation – “I command my Divine DNA to activate fully NOW!”

Take one of each daily for 7 days or until symptoms resolve. Dosage may be increased to twice daily if desired. 


There you have it! My super simple Eclipse Hangover ‘Cure.’

What do you think, will you give it a try?

Tell me in the comments below!

Hi there, my name is Isis,

I help sensitive women elevate their lives by eliminating self-limitations + getting spiritually connected, even if they're feeling completely stuck!

I have mastered the art of f*cking up, and I'm an expert at energy magic (aka Reiki). My superpower is taking the aftermath of a terrible idea and making a miracle out of it.

The only thing I love more than transforming my own piles of poop is helping bada$$ rule-breaking women slay their own limitations and elevate their lives!


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3 Reasons to Love Mercury Retrograde (even when it’s a b*tch)

3 Reasons to Love Mercury Retrograde (even when it’s a b*tch)

Everybody always freaks out when Mercury goes Retrograde… but YOU don’t have to!

Mercury Retrograde, or Merc Rx/MR for short, is a period of 18 days when the planet Mercury, ruler of communication, appears to go backward in the sky.

If you believe all the hype, Mercury Retrograde causes all kinds of trouble, earning it the name of “trickster.” Many people report difficulty with electronics, travel problems, and general “everything’s gone wrong-itis,” proclaiming it is all Mercury’s fault. And since it happens 4 times a year, that adds up to a lot of blame and complaining… does Mercury deserve it?

Let’s be honest, sometimes Mercury Retrograde does seem to cause a sh*t ton of chaos. Here in the U.S. as Mercury goes Retro this time, we’re having violent displays of racist bigotry becoming a state of emergency in my own home state.

I’ve had computers die, cars quit working, and all kinds of “negative” crap… so why do I love Mercury Retrograde?

1. Mercury’s like a good friend who tells you when your outdated style’s not working for you!

As the Great Communicator, Mercury Retrograde (looking backward) gives me an awesome opportunity to check in and see if I’m telling the Universe EXACTLY what I want, or if I’m letting some fears and worries get in.

Things going wrong are a sure sign you’ve slipped into worry, instead of trusting the Universe to give you only the blessings you asked for, or an upgrade.

So when things are going wrong during Mercury Retrograde, I know I need to elevate my thoughts, my subconscious programming, energy vibes and my feeling thoughts.

On the other hand, when I’ve been staying clear in all my thoughts to the Universe, Mercury Retrograde actually MANIFESTS MAGICALLY!

I’ve manifested 5 jobs, 3 dream homes, 2 beautiful cars, and so much more during Mercury Retrograde.

The trick is to go with what FEELS TRUE. Mercury will trip you up if you’re trying to go against your intuition!

So instead of cursing Mercury Retrograde and hiding in your bedroom til it’s over, why not try using it as a mirror of alignment?

2. I get shit DONE during Mercury Retrograde!

Another aspect of good ole Merc Rx is that we are given an opportunity to tie up any loose ends we’ve procrastinated on during the previous few months.

Now, if you don’t fight this, and you trust that taking action will benefit you, Mercury Retrograde will propel you into inspired action! Like magic it seems, you will finish up projects, complete emotional healing cycles, improve your home, elevate your mood, and strengthen your relationships.

But you gotta be ok with letting it happen, and not controlling the outcome or the process. I know that’s asking a lot, expecially in this Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, a typically cautious and orderly sign.

The payoff is huge though, so give it a try and let me know how it goes.

3. Mercury Retrograde is magical creative play time!

With your Universal Communication/Manifestation clear and your loose ends tied up, Mercury invites you to PLAY!!!

Energy for your passions abounds during Mercury retrograde, and indulging your creativity during this time will set the tone for the next few months.

Taking time to spiritually connect and communicate is ESSENTIAL during Mercury Retrograde, and it lays the groundwork for the coming weeks and months. Why not use these powerful energies to work FOR you, instead of being bashed over the head by them every 3 months?

Play, intend, create, and charge up your energy during Merc Rx. Give yourself permission to make this your everyday pattern and communication to the Universe.

When you playfully communicate with the Universe in a relationship of joy, the answers you receive will be joyful, and your manifestations abundant and instant!


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Hi there, my name is Isis,

I help sensitive women elevate their lives by eliminating self-limitations + getting spiritually connected, even if they're feeling completely stuck!

I have mastered the art of f*cking up, and I'm an expert at energy magic (aka Reiki). My superpower is taking the aftermath of a terrible idea and making a miracle out of it.

The only thing I love more than transforming my own piles of poop is helping bada$$ rule-breaking women slay their own limitations and elevate their lives!


Want to magically manifest extra $$$ for the Holidays?

Join the FREE QuantumLeap Money Magic Masterclass to learn how!

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