“Soul Scrub” Energy Readings

Receive the messages and guidance your Soul wants you to know so you can approach your life with clarity and ease. Struggle is never necessary!

I read oracle cards, which provide a framework for viewing and interpreting your Soul energies and path of joy and fulfillment through your life situations.

I call my style of reading “a conversation between you, me and Spirit (aka your Soul or higher self).”

Past Life Oracle Readings

Past Life Hypnosis Regression

  • Session includes:
  • Roots & Causes Discovery (investigates current problem to lead us to past life unresolved energy).
  • Deeply relaxing hypnosis journey through several past life memories to reclaim power and to release karmic loops.
  • Know you’ve made a change because you feel different.
  • See you’ve made a change because your life is different.
  • 120 min phone session with recording available

What Clients Are Saying…

My face is leaking and laughter bursts uncontrollably!! I got a rush of spirit and heat through my body as you read for me. THANK YOU sistar! Much love and blessings flow from my heart to yours xxx <3


Wow. Yes. Thank you so much. Refusing to take the hooks is really resonating deeply for me. Thank you for that missing link. I will keep you posted. Much love. xxx

Cat Kerle


Isis this resonates so much, words cannot express my gratitude 🙏 I feel the healing, the love and support.

Cara Jocelyn

Isis, THANK YOU! This makes so much sense, and it explains why everything has felt unresolved thus far, I have felt stuck in a strange limbo and not sure how to move forward despite many attempts to “release”. Thank you so much


Omg! You really nailed it for me. You have no idea.  And as for the cards…omg! Immediately I felt I knew them or has some type of connection with them…idk how to explain it but I couldn’t stop connecting with them….


I LOVE THIS SO MUCH Isis!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

p.s. I was supposed to walk into a meeting about this promotion but it got delayed…until AFTER I read this. Divine timing, right time, every time ALL THE TIME – hahaha!!

Tia M


Oh wow!! Nail. Head. Tears here. (and good-girl nausea at the thought of doing fun stuff hahaha). Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!

Melissa Kelly

Thank you for your loving guidance & direction. Communication is a big deal for me so I totally understand what you’re saying. Love & Light to you sweetness xo


I will say you are dead on….nothing in my life has been normal.   Thank you for this. It’s good to know that I already know because that definitely points me in a direction. I want to sit with this a little more and then I’ll let you know. Mahalo!

Andrea D.

WOWSERS that is so beautiful … Thank you for your time and generosity!

Amanda Starr


That made me cry. Perhaps it was more than the glasses that led me here. Thank you. Really, thank you.

Heather Huppman

Isis Arjeta, thank you!!! It totally resonates with me.  My real self is finally coming back and it feels wonderful. I am still discovering exactly how I plan to help others, but anytime I get a message when someone is around I try to tell them instead of second guessing myself and wondering if I just made it up in my head.😊

Lindsey Griffen

You have really lifted me up today… I was somewhat confused about everything but it feels crystal clear now!

Beautiful. Gave me such a sense of peace reading your words. Thanks so very much for your insights the are so valuable. Fear always takes up to much space in my life. Will work with your suggestions. Thank you so much. I know your words will support how I move forward.

Marilyn Andrew


Questions I can already hear you asking…

How does a Soul Energy Reading work?

At the beginning of our session, you will share your question and relevant information about your situation while I hold the cards you chose, infusing them with the intention of your question. Then I will shuffle the cards. I do not choose or deal the cards, they pop out on their own. As they do this, I will “channel” or “download” the messages that these cards have for you from your Soul, Guides, and the Angels. While delivering these messages, I often see the energetic “dots” connecting, and how it all applies to your situation.

Do you give me specifics to prove you are psychic?

Probably not… I’m not that kind of psychic. I don’t care much about specific details, so even if I could see them, I won’t tell you who your third grade teacher was, or what your great great grandpa’s cat’s middle name is. If that’s what you’re looking for, there are plenty of other readers in the world who take your name and birthdate and start rattling off all the details you could ever want.

I read your energy fields, your Soul path, and any past life entanglements that might be at play in your current situation. I can see your energy and its interactions not just in the physical world but also in alternate dimensions, ancestral patterns, and Soul contracts. I work with the emotional and energetic themes and attachments that are obscuring your path of ease and joy. This is a reading about the themes and patterns of your life and how to work with them for healing!

Will you see all my secrets?

No. This is NOT the kind of reading where you tell me nothing about yourself to see how much I can see about you. I respect your energetic privacy, and will never look into your energy field about anything you haven’t asked me about. Sometimes information that you didn’t ask about will surface in relation to your question. This means it is relevant to your situation, and your Soul brought it forward so you could make that connection and healing within yourself.

Can I ask more questions during the reading?

Yes, when relevant to the situation we’re working with. You are encouraged to ask for clarification, share any additional information, and confirm the message is resonating as we go through the reading. If any of the messages don’t resonate, or feel true, please let me know, and we will go deeper to find the information that is most clear and feels true to you. Most times it’s simply a case of explaining what I sense in a different way.

What are the benefits of a Soul Energy Reading?

The benefit of this type of reading is that it is focused on your healing and personal growth, rather than simply seeing what currently is and telling you about it. It’s like the difference between looking at a completed painting, or choosing the colors and scene as it’s being painted so you’re sure to be happy with the outcome, and that the room you want to hang it in complements the artwork. Your life is a work of art, and you have the ability to participate in the masterpiece the Universe/Source/God has intended for you!

In a full hour Soul Scrub reading, we will also clear the energies and emotions that surface as we progress through the messages. As an energy sensor (clairsentience), I can feel the energies hanging out in your body and your aura and use clearing statements along with Reiki and Quantum healing to remove them and replace with your Truth… with your permission of course. As I clear, you can silently affirm that you give permission to clear those energies and receive the highest and most whole version of yourself.




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