Once upon a time, there lived a passionate, fiesty, stubborn AF girl who wanted to change the world.


Sadly, this magical being felt misunderstood and was in emotional and physical pain all the time. She was 21 years old, but she looked at least 40. Her face was drawn in a scowl, as she grumbled about all the ways people were irresponsible and it made her life miserable.

Every day was a blur of caffeine, 12-16 hour shifts on her feet, and a cloud of cigarette smoke as she worked herself numb. Her diet was 5 star vending machine fare, inhaled in 30 seconds while multitasking her pee break.

Her chosen means of changing the world – as an emergency room nurse – was sacrificing her own health and wellbeing. The idea of taking care of herself was completely foreign to her.

But she didn’t see any of that staring back at her in the mirror as she washed her hands to return to her patients.

All she saw were eyes that welled with the misery of the world, and the fear that nothing could heal it. All she could hear were the anguished cries of her emotionally abused heart, where the bruises and the scars couldn’t be seen by anyone. Far worse, were the bruises in her mind.

“You’ll never be enough.”

These words had beaten a drumline through her memories since before time began.

They echoed from the lips of her parents, screeched through her nervous system as a warning of physical danger, and bolted through her energy like lightning that never killed her, only left her shaking like a leaf, wishing for the end.

In an effort to silence the words, constantly tapping at the windows of her mind, she worked.

She gave of herself with all the compassion and tenderness she could, in hopes she would one day be worthy of the love she desperately wanted but didn’t know how to hope for.

But even though she did not see herself truly in the mirror at that moment, her Self looked through the glass, and shifted something deep inside. A still, small feeling. Nothing really.

Until she walked back out on the floor, and time stopped.

All her senses heightened… she stood still a moment, before bolting down the hall into room 12, eyes glued to the cardiac monitor still beating a steady rhythm.

Before she knew what she was doing, she pressed the red button on the wall, and screamed “CODE BLUE, I NEED A DOCTOR!”

As the words tore themselves from her lips, she looked down to see her patients eyes roll back and skin go grey as the monitor began to alarm a massive heart failure.

The blur that followed next had nothing to do with the 7 cups of coffee consumed that night, or the internal despair that threatened to suck her down in every quiet moment.

For the first time in her life, she felt no pain, no panic, no confusion. She knew exactly what to do, and when to do it, as if an unseen force was guiding her every thought and action.

Like a dream, she floated through the procedures and life-saving measures, but something inside was peaceful, calm.

Outwardly, she was sweating profusely as she pumped her patients heart by hand, keeping her alive until the doctors figured out what was going on.

But inside, everything was still. Quiet.

Suddenly, her own heart stopped… flipped… and started again, with a jolt.

Startled, she pulled her hands back… but found they were stuck to the patient’s chest, and the jolt from her heart was traveling down her arms!

Instantly she looked at the heart monitor… and there… just as the spark reached her fingertips… the heart monitor blipped. And blipped again.

The doctors all laughed heartily, slapped each other on the back, and congratulated themselves on a good save. while she stumbled back, stunned, staring at her hands.


Hi there, my name is Isis,

the #UnicornGodmother of Spiritual Mentors. 

I have mastered the art of f*cking up, and I'm an expert at energy magic (aka Reiki). My superpower is taking the aftermath of a terrible idea and making a miracle out of it.

The only thing I love more than transforming my own piles of unicorn poo is helping bada$$ rule-breaking women slay limitations and elevate their lives!

I talk to Angels + Quantum Jump into my Future Self on a daily basis, and I would love to help you embrace your Unique gifts and make your life MAGICAL!

Welcome to my YOUniverse!

It has been nearly 15 years since that night in the ER, when my heart restarted the heart of my patient.

My life’s purpose came calling, and I couldn’t think about anything else.

How had I known to run in there before the machine even knew what was happening?

How did my heart connect with her heart and shock it back to life when it had no rhythm of its own?

Medically, shocking the heart does no good unless it has a rhythm of some faint sort. I knew that what happened was nothing short of a miracle… and that what I had seen was not witnessed by everyone else.

Thus began my quest for mastery of these gifts.

Almost immediately, I discovered Reiki – an all encompassing technique of hands on energy healing that works hand in hand with intuitive awareness.

It gave me the tools to use my medical knowledge in a far deeper and more effective way – to reach the root of pain and suffering on physical, emotional and mental levels – and HEAL IT!

As I became a Reiki Master, began teaching, and choosing a new perspective on everything in my life, another miracle began to appear.

When I looked in the mirror, I actually saw myself.

Not just the blur of pain and self-sacrificing choices, but the real me. The spark my Self saw through the mirror that day began to shine through, and my scowl softened into a smile.

I quit smoking, started eating real food that grew out of the ground, and I quit my high-stress job so I could walk my talk of healing and inner peace.

And now that I’m 35, I am often mistaken for a 20 year old. 

The stresses and weights of the world we carry age us terribly. They limit our abilities, and numb us to our potential.

I am forever grateful to the practice of Reiki for beginning the profound transformation and reverse-aging effects it has had on my life, my career, and my connection to Spirit.

I know I would not be where I am today without the loving guidance of my mentors. Having someone to walk with me while I faced my deepest inner fears was the real turning point for me. 

My greatest wish is that my experiences of transformation can in some small way encourage or inspire someone who may be staring in a mirror right now… not really seeing herself.

You don’t have to do this alone. The journey seems like a never-ending hell when you’re walking alone. I know, I’ve been there. And I  promise you sister… I AM HERE FOR YOU!

Because I have to tell you… from the other side of the dark night of the soul, the journey is well worth it!

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