December Energies – The Shift is Hitting the Fan!

December Energies – The Shift is Hitting the Fan!

The Shift in global systems we have been co-creating is here!

December is a big month of shift and transformation for everyone on the planet. We are collectively moving from the old ways of inequality and separatism into a state of working together for a common good.

That means, there’s a whole lot of cosmic shaking and quaking to be done!

Injustices will continue to come to light this month in the public arena regarding all forms of inequality, from systematic sexual harrassment and assault to financial abuse by governments and individuals.

As with any major shift that hits the fan, there is also an uprising of the “new” and True. This Truth is anything but new, but the value and priority it will have in our collective hearts and minds from now on is truly NEW!

So what does this look like on the ground for us energy sensitive sisters?

In general, there will be 3 types of experiences for us, depending on how fully we are living our calling.

For those (most of collective humanity) who haven’t embraced their calling yet, December will confront them with every opportunity to make that choice. The strength of resistance against their Truth and Divine Calling will equal the strength of the shift that hits the fan for them.

For you who have begun to follow your Divine Calling, even if it’s in infancy stages, you will experience an intense refinement of your path and purpose. You’ll be pushed out of your comfort zone, and offered every opportunity to grow! It may be uncomfortable, but the more you embrace it, the faster and more pleasant the transition will be.

And last but not least, those who are currently living their purpose fully… it has probably been a bit of a struggle for you, a test of courage and faith, and stretched you to the max! Prepare for a rocket blast of supportive energy, abundance, and the rewards of your hard work! This article/channel is meant to help you make the most of this shift, regardless where you are in your journey at this time.

The Angels, Archangel Michael and Archangel Ariel in particular, have some messages for us. I will try to deliver them as clearly as possible!

Archangel Michael: First, my beloved sensitive ones, please know that this shift and transformation is YOUR DOING.

Your hearts’ deep cries for truth, the strength of your prayers for the benefit of the world, and your committment to experiencing Oneness and joy within yourself has made this shift/transformation/healing possible world-wide! Please congratulate yourself on a job well done!

Second, I will ask you to be very mindful of what you expose your precious sensitive minds and bodies to during this shift. The urge to engage in drama and to “fix” what seems to be wrong in your world by controlling or ordering people and situations to do what’s right will be very strong throughout December, and over the next year.

It will seem like you are helping, but it will only tether you to those lower energies which are surfacing now for healing. The only healthy response is to give the situation love, give your worries, fears and frustrations to me, and let me protect your energy!

I will always guide you away from drama and negativity, and into the Light and support that you deserve, and that is available for you. So during December, when you feel Guided away from drama and negativity, know that it is Me, and it is safe to relax and let me help you.

I also ask you to be aware of the words you use, as they have collective energy embedded in them that may not be your intention.

For example, the common phrase “I just love you to death/to pieces” has loving intention, but the energetic weight of love causing death or dismemberment, or dissociation of the self is implied with the words.

Your languages (all of them) have many subtle and hidden realities within them. Be open to shifting your words, and I will help you make use of your language to co-create what you truly desire!

And finally, I ask that you spend less time consuming tv shows, news, or movies that aren’t positively uplifting and inspiring. This is not because we want you to hide away from what is happening in the world, but during this time, many of the things coming to Light are of the lower energies.

You already know about them, and have been praying and believing without cease that these injustices must come to light. This is the time when they must be seen, acknowledged, and healed.

Because you are such an integral part of this process, we need you to stay protected and free of the lower energies, the sadness and grief, shock and horror that arises as injustice is brought to Light. This is so you can play your role as helper, by staying clear and high-vibe, so those who are shifting can match your vibrations!

You are doing SO WELL! We are Infinitely proud of you, and we love you!

Archangel Ariel: Beloved, how kind and loving are you to yourself? This is directly affecting your experience of love, relationships, career, finances, and physical health.

We can hear that many of you are in a habit of talking down to yourselves, minimizing your brilliant ideas, questioning the wisdom we share with you, and in general, bullying the sh*t out of yourselves.

Naturally, this is not what we want for you, and we know it’s not what YOU want for yourself either. For that reason, we are drawing this to your attention during the month of December.

This month marks the start of a new cycle for you in your careers. How you react to the shifts in December and throughout 2018 will set the tone for the next 27 years.

This is why it’s so important to detach your identification with media, news, and collective stories. You are in a process of CREATING with the Universe/God and the Angels, and all the support is available for you to create bigger, more abundantly, and on a higher vibration than ever before.

It is TIME, dear sisters, to make a beautiful, comfortable, luxurious living while helping and healing the world.

Many of you have struggled to make ends meet from your spiritual work, or are too afraid to start living your calling, because you could not see how to make a wonderful income with it all.

We are here NOW to help you with this! It is our greatest wish that you allow us to “launder money” through you. The current energy of money in your world is indeed very low vibration. We would be blowing Angeldust up your arses if we told you anything else.

We ask that you receive as much money as possible, to bless and raise the vibration of the money energy, so that Spiritual Money Energy can take its rightful place. We see that most of you are inadvertently shoving away the money we are sending to you, because you refuse to participate in lower vibrational money.

For example, a client wants to pay you extra for the 20 minutes you spent explaining their reading, and you wave it away, affirming that you care more about their healing than about money.

We love your committment to being a clear channel of the Divine. Your service is appreciated, and celebrated in the Spirit realm, far more than you can know!

But your financial wealth and abundance IS a part of your health and wellbeing, and you must always respect your own health as much and more than the healing for your clients!

You are here with extraordinarily sensitive bodies, in a world that is still in process of raising its vibration. It is not easy to feel this, you knew that, and yet you agreed to be born with these gifts and awarenesses, despite the intensity!

The “perks” of the job are that you are GUARANTEED wealth that will support your physical, emotional and vibrational sensitivity. That means a spacious, high-vibe home and housemates.

It means sufficient money from a job or self-employment that utilizes your gifts in a way that is comfortable and relevant to you at this time! If you are not currently receiving your guaranteed benefits as a Lightworker, psychic, healer, or spiritual professional, NOW is the time!

Some of you may feel “pushed” into making decisions about moving forward in your calling, as if you are not ready. Remember that it is only the lower energies that would cause you to think that, and if you will give us (the Angels) permission, we will lift those worries and doubts FOR you.

We are sending you people whom we know you are suited to help. These people will pay you well for the help you offer. They may seem like a totally new kind of client, or like more of your favorites!

Rest assured that there is an Infinite supply of money for you, as well as an Infinite supply of people for you to help, who would like to pay you money, and allow you to launder their money from employment into a Spiritual Money Energy. In actuality, this blesses your client’s finances as well!

This is the way Spiritual Money Energy works – it benefits everybody!

Whether you paid money or received it, Spiritual Money Energy will always expand, with an energy of joy and lightness. We ask you to practice cultivating a relationship with money that will allow your WHOLE self to be healthy – not just your mind, your energy, your body, but also your finances!

The world needs you to be healthy. You DESERVE to be healthy.

The best way to do this is to roll up your sleeves and get started! Make a commitment to yourself and to us, that you will help those we send to you.

When you are guided to share about your gifts, know that it is us, nudging you, because someone we sent to you is within earshot!

Above all, ask us for help with anything that troubles you. Ask for money when you need or want it. Give yourself permission to have an expansive, light, happy life!

We love you so much, and want to help you expand in joyful service and financial abundance! You are an ESSENTIAL part of the Earth’s healing and evolution.

Call on us often. We will speak to you again soon!


I hope you enjoyed these messages from Archangel Michael and Archangel Ariel, about the energies of December, and the massive call to live your life purpose in an abundant way!

I have been receiving these messages so strongly and insistantly for the last few days that I finally realized they weren’t just for me – Angels wanted me to share them with you!

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29 Symptoms of Eclipse Hangover… and the extremely simple ‘cure’

29 Symptoms of Eclipse Hangover… and the extremely simple ‘cure’

How many of these symptoms do you have?

  1. Abnormally sleepy or tired, difficulty staying awake.
  2. Physically exhausted or weaker than usual.
  3. Feeling heavy, like your legs weigh 1,000 pounds.
  4. Unexplained sadness or emotional outbursts
  5. Dizziness or confusion
  6. Brain fog
  7. Difficulty remembering common words
  8. Lack of appetite
  9. Extra appetite
  10. Sudden change in dietary tastes
  11. Feeling like you’ve had a dream you can’t quite remember
  12. Insomnia
  13. Waking at odd hours in the night
  14. Seeing recurring numbers on the clock
  15. Restlessness
  16. Extreme amounts of energy
  17. Overwhelm
  18. Thoughts on loop
  19. Feeling of “prickles” on the skin
  20. Unexplained rashes or skin sensitivity
  21. Cold + Flu symptoms
  22. Headache, especially in the sides of the head
  23. Nausea, particularly in the morning and at bedtime
  24. Digestive discomfort or diarrhea
  25. Panic attacks
  26. Anxieties or fears you didn’t have before
  27. Want to avoid people and crowds
  28. Extra sensitive to light/sound
  29. Frustrated or angry, unusual outbursts


If you are experiencing more than 3 of these symptoms right now, you may have an ‘Eclipse Hangover.’ The Solar Eclipse, beyond being magnificent to watch, did something to our energy systems, even if we were nowhere near the Totality.

Friends of mine in Australia reported waking up in the middle of the night (for them) at the exact moment of Totality during the Great American Solar Eclipse. WHAT?!

Solar Eclipses are powerful portals for energetic ‘Solar Codes’ to download into our consciousness, as well as our physical bodies, assisting us in our awakening and empowerment journey. It’s a GOOD thing, I promise!

Here are the most common reasons for an eclipse hangover:

  • You received all these HUGE energies, and your system didn’t know what to do with it, so now you’re feeling FRIED. Overwhelm, confusion, dizziness and exhaustion are the symptoms of a short circuited energy system. Time to ground that energy down, baby!
  • You’re an empath, so you feel the energies and emotions of EVERYONE who just “woke up” with this wave of Solar Codes and is going WTF just happened?! It feels like your own awakening all over again, and you probably don’t like it at all! You’ll probably be ticking off every number on the list above, because you’re feeling everyone’s symptoms on top of your own. YIKES! Time to reverse that magnetism.
  • You’ve been giving someone or something power over you. Whether you were aware you were doing this or not, the contract of disempowerment ended with this eclipse, so you’re free now. It’s going to feel WEIRD and probably scary too. Anxiety and headaches, nausea and digestive discomfort are probably going to be your biggest symptoms.

These particular Solar Codes are designed to awaken within us ALL the Light of Divine Sovereignty. No longer do we need to look to a ruler, a religious figure, president, or any other leader than the Truth within our hearts that we receive through our intuition, and enact with our brains and bodies. WE are the savior we have waited for.

Each one of us is ready to be the Divine Co-Creator of our lives. This means we decide what we want, and we trust we will receive it, exactly as we asked for.

It also means that we will begin to look at what we are asking for, and choose more and more from love than from fear. We will begin to surrender the final decision to our Infinite Self… Source/God/Goddess/Universe, to upgrade our request at every turn. And we will cultivate a sense of Trust we have longed for since before we had words for it.

This is all going to shake things up for us a bit, as we are used to asking for what we think we are allowed to receive, worthy of receiving, etc. etc.

So your Eclipse Hangover?!

It’s the combination of all your requests to the Universe that aren’t in your highest good, coming back on you. Not to punish you… just the effect of your choices.

Not so different from a night at the pub.

So here’s my super simple, easy peasy Energy Hangover ‘Cure.’ Ready?

1x Guided Chakra Clearing Meditation – FREE Download

1x Happy Outcome Intention – “I dedicate this day to a Happy Outcome.”

1x Statement of Release – “Everything in my way, Cancel, Clear, Delete!”

1x Divine DNA Activation – “I command my Divine DNA to activate fully NOW!”

Take one of each daily for 7 days or until symptoms resolve. Dosage may be increased to twice daily if desired. 


There you have it! My super simple Eclipse Hangover ‘Cure.’

What do you think, will you give it a try?

Tell me in the comments below!

Hi there, my name is Isis,

the #UnicornGodmother of Spiritual Mentors. 

I have mastered the art of f*cking up, and I'm an expert at energy magic (aka Reiki). My superpower is taking the aftermath of a terrible idea and making a miracle out of it.

The only thing I love more than transforming my own piles of unicorn poo is helping bada$$ rule-breaking women slay limitations and elevate their lives!

I talk to Angels + Quantum Jump into my Future Self on a daily basis, and I would love to help you embrace your Unique gifts and make your life MAGICAL!

Welcome to my YOUniverse!

3 Reasons to Love Mercury Retrograde (even when it’s a b*tch)

3 Reasons to Love Mercury Retrograde (even when it’s a b*tch)

Everybody always freaks out when Mercury goes Retrograde… but YOU don’t have to!

Mercury Retrograde, or Merc Rx/MR for short, is a period of 18 days when the planet Mercury, ruler of communication, appears to go backward in the sky.

If you believe all the hype, Mercury Retrograde causes all kinds of trouble, earning it the name of “trickster.” Many people report difficulty with electronics, travel problems, and general “everything’s gone wrong-itis,” proclaiming it is all Mercury’s fault. And since it happens 4 times a year, that adds up to a lot of blame and complaining… does Mercury deserve it?

Let’s be honest, sometimes Mercury Retrograde does seem to cause a sh*t ton of chaos. Here in the U.S. as Mercury goes Retro this time, we’re having violent displays of racist bigotry becoming a state of emergency in my own home state.

I’ve had computers die, cars quit working, and all kinds of “negative” crap… so why do I love Mercury Retrograde?

1. Mercury’s like a good friend who tells you when your outdated style’s not working for you!

As the Great Communicator, Mercury Retrograde (looking backward) gives me an awesome opportunity to check in and see if I’m telling the Universe EXACTLY what I want, or if I’m letting some fears and worries get in.

Things going wrong are a sure sign you’ve slipped into worry, instead of trusting the Universe to give you only the blessings you asked for, or an upgrade.

So when things are going wrong during Mercury Retrograde, I know I need to elevate my thoughts, my subconscious programming, energy vibes and my feeling thoughts.

On the other hand, when I’ve been staying clear in all my thoughts to the Universe, Mercury Retrograde actually MANIFESTS MAGICALLY!

I’ve manifested 5 jobs, 3 dream homes, 2 beautiful cars, and so much more during Mercury Retrograde.

The trick is to go with what FEELS TRUE. Mercury will trip you up if you’re trying to go against your intuition!

So instead of cursing Mercury Retrograde and hiding in your bedroom til it’s over, why not try using it as a mirror of alignment?

2. I get shit DONE during Mercury Retrograde!

Another aspect of good ole Merc Rx is that we are given an opportunity to tie up any loose ends we’ve procrastinated on during the previous few months.

Now, if you don’t fight this, and you trust that taking action will benefit you, Mercury Retrograde will propel you into inspired action! Like magic it seems, you will finish up projects, complete emotional healing cycles, improve your home, elevate your mood, and strengthen your relationships.

But you gotta be ok with letting it happen, and not controlling the outcome or the process. I know that’s asking a lot, expecially in this Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, a typically cautious and orderly sign.

The payoff is huge though, so give it a try and let me know how it goes.

3. Mercury Retrograde is magical creative play time!

With your Universal Communication/Manifestation clear and your loose ends tied up, Mercury invites you to PLAY!!!

Energy for your passions abounds during Mercury retrograde, and indulging your creativity during this time will set the tone for the next few months.

Taking time to spiritually connect and communicate is ESSENTIAL during Mercury Retrograde, and it lays the groundwork for the coming weeks and months. Why not use these powerful energies to work FOR you, instead of being bashed over the head by them every 3 months?

Play, intend, create, and charge up your energy during Merc Rx. Give yourself permission to make this your everyday pattern and communication to the Universe.

When you playfully communicate with the Universe in a relationship of joy, the answers you receive will be joyful, and your manifestations abundant and instant!


Who is ready to make Mercury Retrograde Magic?

Click here to join Activate Your Magic, a live online energy activation session on Thursday August 17, at 2pm HST/5pm PDT/8pm EDT and Friday, 10am AEST.

This LIVE Activate Your Magic session is part of the Elevate YOUniversity membership. Get your sneak peak into the magic of Elevate YOUniversity.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Hi there, my name is Isis,

the #UnicornGodmother of Spiritual Mentors. 

I have mastered the art of f*cking up, and I'm an expert at energy magic (aka Reiki). My superpower is taking the aftermath of a terrible idea and making a miracle out of it.

The only thing I love more than transforming my own piles of unicorn poo is helping bada$$ rule-breaking women slay limitations and elevate their lives!

I talk to Angels + Quantum Jump into my Future Self on a daily basis, and I would love to help you embrace your Unique gifts and make your life MAGICAL!

Welcome to my YOUniverse!

Lion’s Gate 2017 | Let Your Truth ROAR!

Lion’s Gate 2017 | Let Your Truth ROAR!

This is a POWERFUL time to be alive!

It can also feel excruciatingly painful at times. Lion’s Gate, 8-8 Portal of Cosmic Energy is our big operating system update. Just like your computer or cellphone shuts down while running updates, your body, mind, and energy systems may go a bit “wonky” while you are running cosmic energy updates!

Fortunately, this is all for a big REALLY GOOD reason and purpose. We are collectively as a planet ready to be Sovereign co-creators of the Universe and work together in harmony, without our old baggage (sometimes known as karma).


I am so beyond ready to create what I really want instead of being bogged down by everyone else’s bullshit, aren’t you?!


But wait…

Why is all this chaos showing up for me?

Well lovebug, I’m afraid to say it… you ARE creating everything you’ve said you wanted… with your thoughts, feelings and energies. Some of which, you aren’t consciously aware of. Others, have become part of your world view and you can’t even see that it’s causing this hot mess.


Sovereignty, or personal autonomy requires that you acknowledge everything you’ve created. And the big kicker… appreciate it, without judgment. Even if it was a big mistake. SIGH. I know, it sucks, right?

But honestly, this is how you unlock your Truth. Own up to the times you’ve bought into someone else’s bullshit because it was easier than rocking the boat. Forgive yourself. Validate your gnarly feelings of resentment and jealousy… and turn them into confirmation that the success you see in someone else is just as possible for you.

Invest all that energy in yourself instead of wishing for someone else’s life, or that one magic pill or course or oracle deck that will make everything clear.

Take one step. Then take another. And another. That’s the badassness of being a Lion, a Leader, a Co-Creator of the Universe. You can create anything you want, but it’s not going to happen either without magic, or ONLY by magic.

Watch for the magic. Listen to your intuition. Ask for signs and guidance. Ask the Universe eleventybillion times a day “What would it take to do xyz that I don’t know how to do” until the Universe shows you the answers so clearly you can’t help but take action. This is how you make Miracles.

Because the Truth is, beloved, you are here to do amazing things. You are meant to touch lives, to change the world, and to have RADIANT joy and delight in your life. Your abundance, support, and ease is the Universe’s desire for you.

But to receive it all, you must be fully Sovereign. You have to know what you want more than what you don’t want, and you have to be able to ask for the best, knowing it’s beyond what you know. This means TRUSTING the Universe.

So as August 8th approaches, tune in to your inner Lionnesse. Leave me a comment below and tell me:


  1. What are you passionate and “mumma Lion” about for others?
  2. How can you apply that “fierce nurturing” to your inner uncertainties?
  3. If you knew you always had a Lion to protect you, what would you do differently?


One lucky commenter will win a free one question e-mail reading with me!

Hi there, my name is Isis,

the #UnicornGodmother of Spiritual Mentors. 

I have mastered the art of f*cking up, and I'm an expert at energy magic (aka Reiki). My superpower is taking the aftermath of a terrible idea and making a miracle out of it.

The only thing I love more than transforming my own piles of unicorn poo is helping bada$$ rule-breaking women slay limitations and elevate their lives!

I talk to Angels + Quantum Jump into my Future Self on a daily basis, and I would love to help you embrace your Unique gifts and make your life MAGICAL!

Welcome to my YOUniverse!

Transcend the Wheel of Karma

Transcend the Wheel of Karma

Happy Planetary New Year! 

Every year around July 25th, things get a little… intense. In case you haven’t noticed it already, teehee! There’s an energetic reason for that. July 25th is known in energetic and ascension communities as “The Day Out Of Time,” or the “Planetary New Year.”

But what does that mean in everyday language, and why is the new year in the middle of our year?!

As simply as I can put it, the Planetary New Year is when we collapse time. That’s why it feels so weird! Everything we think we know is shifting and changing. The Day Out of Time is the energy limbo period while the shifts take place. Also, in about 2 weeks, on August 8th, the Lion’s Gate Portal opens and waves of high vibration energy flood the earth to suport us.

Basically, we are combining our past with our future, letting go of what obviously doesn’t fit, in preparation for the BIG UPDATE.

Lion’s Gate is like that massive iOS update that freezes your phone for 4 hours and drives you nuts. You know it’s gonna be great once it’s installed, and you can’t wait to play with the new features, but dangit you’re impatient! Also, a little worried that the update will crash everything. More about Lion’s Gate in another post.

We (me, my HigherSelf and my Guides) want to clarify a bit about “collapsing time.” We realize this idea might be a bit scary for some, as you have seen and heard many doom and gloom predictions about the end of time.

The first the you need to know about ALL of these energy shifts, updates, and the entire process of “ascension” is that it’s really just you expanding your awareness to be able to comprehend how magnificent you are. You ARE the Universe… that’s why we call it the YOUniverse. You are eternal, and timeless.

So when we say that we are collapsing time, or bringing past and present into the same time cycle, we mean that we are helping you become aware of more of yourself and your experiences at once. Perhaps a more accurate term would be “time assimilation.” You are uniting personal cycles into a more unified self. In order to do this, you must let go of everything you hold in awareness that is not Universal Truth.

This means that often, the Planetary New Year can feel very uncomfortable to those who aren’t aware of what is happening, but who are very sensitive to their energy and intuition. These portals and energy waves can be quite gentle, loving, and nourishing, when you are aware of them and flow with them rather than fighting the feelings and thoughts that surface with them.

This Planetary New Year cycle is extra potent. Some of these cycles are more directed to healers, intuitives, and Lightworkers, to assist them in their role of bringing mass consciousness into Universal awareness. This wave of energetic shifting and “time assimilation,” is for, and felt by every being on this planet!

That’s why it’s SO intense for some of you right now. If you haven’t yet mastered your skills as an empath so you are NOT feeling others energies and emotions, this will be especially uncomfortable. You don’t have to feel anyone but you, and if you need assistance learning to use your empathic abilities, click the button at the bottom to join the High-Vibe Goddess Tribe.


So WHY is all this Planetary New Year stuff now, not in January?

All of this energetic alignment and wisdom we gain from the 25th/26th of July and 8th of August portals have been known about since ancient Egyptian times. These events coincide with the rising of the star Sirius with the early morning sun, as well as the flooding of the Nile River, and subsequent abundance.

Many cultures throughout our human history have referred to this time as the “Beginning of a New Cycle” in Earth’s evolution, and the evolution of Humanity.

Tomorrow, on July 26th, we begin a New Cycle, where we as a collective Divine Human race, we will step off the wheel of karma, or learning through duality, and begin to live in a Unified energy field of knowing our Truth.

This may not look perfectly complete when we awake tomorrow, however! While in the etheric plane, everything happens in an instant, in the densities of earth, it takes longer. Yet, it takes far less time than ever before, because more and more of you beautiful Souls are joining in with your loving intentions and joyful spirit of giving!

Know that any chaos remaining in your reality is simply being “spun out in the rinse cycle” as the wheel of karma agreement comes to an end.

For millenia humankind has confined itself to a wheel of re-living the same experiences over and over from every angle, in hopes of finding resolution, absolution, and freedom.

In Truth, we need not dissect our experiences to find out what “went wrong.” We simply must remember that if something went wrong, it was because we forgot who we ARE, which is limitless Spirit, and have confined ourselves to absolving a false judgment. For many of us, this has spanned LIFETIMES.

As you experience this shifting of energy and time cycles, you may feel a bit dizzy or woozy. This is an effect of identifying with something in the wheel of karma as “yours,” or your “responsibility.”

Your only responsibility is to remember who you are, lovingly release all illusions binding you to the wheel, and move into the center point, where the entire YOUniverse revolves around your thoughts, beliefs, and choices.

What will you think and choose today?! Let me know in the comments below!



5 tips to flow with the intensity during these shifts:


  1. Honor and validate all your emotions, even those you often judge as “negative.”
  2. Spend lots of time in nature/meditating/clearing your energy field.
  3. Self-forgiveness of anything you regret that’s surfacing. You did your best.
  4. Give yourself permission to feel “off” or “weird” during this time. You’re evolving!
  5. Stay focused on your Truth, and the joyful, passionate


Did all that and still feel like crappola?

I’m here to help. I’ve been consciously using these massive cosmic energy shifts to springboard my personal and spiritual development into new dimensions for 11+ years. I know the ins and outs of what all the inner voices of doubt say to confuse you, and how to tame the weird, wild as f*ck emotions and energies that make following your guidance feel like a joke.

If you’re ready to step off your wheel of karma and free yourself to CREATE with YOUniversal power, I want to be your new BFF, and walk with you every step of the way! I have 7 spots available in my Energy Expansion mentoring package right now, and one of them is for you, I can feel it!

I know that if this is the right opportunity for you, the call in your Soul has already been whispering to you that it’s time to find someone to light a fire under your bum and give you the Truth with exactly zero BS.

Is that you? Send me a message RIGHT NOW!


What are YOU feeling during this Day Out of Time and Planetary New Year shift?

(My answer in the comments below)



Hi there, my name is Isis,

the #UnicornGodmother of Spiritual Mentors. 

I have mastered the art of f*cking up, and I'm an expert at energy magic (aka Reiki). My superpower is taking the aftermath of a terrible idea and making a miracle out of it.

The only thing I love more than transforming my own piles of unicorn poo is helping bada$$ rule-breaking women slay limitations and elevate their lives!

I talk to Angels + Quantum Jump into my Future Self on a daily basis, and I would love to help you embrace your Unique gifts and make your life MAGICAL!

Welcome to my YOUniverse!

Intense Energy This Week, WHOAH!

Intense Energy This Week, WHOAH!


Don’t give up just before the Miracle shows up.


The energy is so heavy in our collective consciousness right now.

Are you feeling it too?

I woke up to an inbox full of messages from women like you, who thought they had broken through to their alignment with joy and ease… only to have it all come crashing down. Depression, family ties being broken, partnerships ending, serious illness threatening their family, and all the “end of the world” kinds of problems…



There are a combination of things happening energetically right now. The planetary retrograde event right now with Venus, Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn all going “backwards” at the same time is bringing up the deepest roots of our issues with expressing our authentic self.

Our sense of worth and value, courage and action, and aligned communication is being shaken up with Saturn’s magic karma wand. For some of us, it’s felt like Saturn’s been beating us with the karma stick, but I promise, the magic is on its way.

While it is intense and uncomfortable to face and clear all these deeply personal doubts and fears at the same time as everyone else on the planet seems to be doing the same thing, it’s actually EASIER energetically to let it go. It’s like one big purge… we are all doing a cosmic ayahuasca ceremony together, clearing ourselves in preparation for an expansion of Self!

Remember that this is only temporary. Go into it with the intention of remembering your Truth while in the midst of your nightmare. Once you can do this, nothing can really harm you. Keep practicing!

The timing of this sudden surge of heavy energy is also interesting. For those who celebrate Easter, you’ll be aware that the hardest wave of heaviness hit on Good Friday, the day that Christians believe Jesus died on the cross. I grew up Christian, and I could feel my body’s cells vibrating with the heaviness of guilt, shame and sorrow that the beloved Master had to sacrifice his life to save me from my sinfulness. It’s a horrible story, and it’s not actually true.

Jesus is and was a representation of who we all are – the Divine Child of God. He “died” on the cross to prove to us that death is not real, that our belief in suffering and sin is what holds us to this tragic trauma of the cross. His message with the dramatic demonstration we re-enact on stages in churches across the world every year was NOT “worship me so you don’t have to die a horrible death like me.”

His message was “I’m not dying. My body isn’t feeling pain. I am not identified with suffering, so all I feel is my Truth. And you can feel that too, because you are like me. The suffering you experience in the body and in this world is a choice. When I ask you to follow me, I mean follow my example of living my Truth, and being so full of my Spirit that Miracles are a natural part of your life, where suffering was once your daily experience.”



So whatever “separation” and suffering seems to be happening in your life right now as you consciously choose to follow your Truth is simply making room for a Miracle of rebirth and new life for you! THIS is your karma… to make the choice to take yourself out of endless rounds of suffering, trying to understand what went wrong, and step into your karmic Truth of joy and peace.



You can do this very simply.

  1. Give yourself 2-3 minutes to allow your mind to cycle through all its concerns, doubts, and all the negativity you’ve been feeling.
  2. Now take a deep breath, and honor yourself for being committed to your Truth even with all this crap going on in your mind!
  3. Take another deep breath, and with your exhale, release the heavy feelings, inviting your Infinite Spirit to fill your mind, heart and body with your Truth and Divine Wisdom.
  4. Spend about 5 more minutes enjoying this flow of sparkly energy through your body, and the sense of calm that comes with it.
  5. If you don’t feel a shift immediately, simply wait in trust and faith that it will come.
  6. Remember, your FAITH creates the space for the Miracle!

I’ll end this message to you with my daily meditation for today, the perfect remedy to the stress and suffering we have been feeling.

“God’s peace and joy are mine.” – ACIM lesson 105

Hi there, my name is Isis,

the #UnicornGodmother of Spiritual Mentors. 

I have mastered the art of f*cking up, and I'm an expert at energy magic (aka Reiki). My superpower is taking the aftermath of a terrible idea and making a miracle out of it.

The only thing I love more than transforming my own piles of unicorn poo is helping bada$$ rule-breaking women slay limitations and elevate their lives!

I talk to Angels + Quantum Jump into my Future Self on a daily basis, and I would love to help you embrace your Unique gifts and make your life MAGICAL!

Welcome to my YOUniverse!

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