Embrace Radiant Well-Being

Energy Healing Sessions

Heal Your Finances With Money Reiki

Money Reiki is a safe and natural form of energy healing that specifically benefits your finances.

Whatever beliefs, emotions and energies about money that are limiting your financial wellbeing, Money Reiki can help. Relax and receive.

Free yourself from money worries!

Money Reiki Healing Session:

  • Receive at your convenience
  • $25 USD/session

Relieve Physical and Emotional Pain

The Angels love and care for us so much that they are willing to lift our pain and suffering FOR us.

I work with the Archangels and the entire Angelic Realm, along with Reiki and Quantum Healing.

Angelic Healing:

  • 60min Distant Energy Healing
  • Receive At Your Convenience
  • Follow-Up Summary E-mail
  • $50 USD

Angelic Healing

Energy Session

$50 USD

Past Life Regression

Resolve Your Karma

$222 USD

Break the Chains of the Past

Visit 2-4 Past Lives in a related theme to heal and free you in this life. View what happened, receive messages from your Higher Self, and transform the situation.

Finish with a visit to your future self for a sneek peek!

Past Life Regression:

  • 2 hour hypnosis session
  • Recording available by request
  • Learn More
  • $222 USD

Questions? Let's chat!

All Healing Is Done By God.

The techniques and energies I use to facilitate these healing sessions are simply tools to help me connect with Source/God/The Universe, and YOUR OWN WHOLENESS. God is the Source of all healing, and I open the door to your own natural well-being. All that is needed is a little willingness to experience life differently.

When you choose to receive healing, your request is answered immediately and with maximum effect.

There is nothing too big, too painful, too shameful, or too weird for God, or for me. I’m here to walk with you, hand-in-hand, as we activate your money magnets, heal with the Angels, or delete a few past lives.

Choose from Money Reiki, Angelic Healing, or Past Life Transformation – say YES to your Miracle!

Angelic Healing

Energy Session 

$50 USD

Past Life Regression

Resolve Your Karma

$222 USD




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