Who were you in the past?

A wise and benevolent Queen? Perhaps a savvy Merchant, or brave Explorer? Maybe you were even a Servant or a Concubine…

Who were you

Past Life Healing = Karma Clearing

Karma is really just a vibrational “memory” of something unresolved in another space and time. This means a past life or alternate dimension lifetime. Now before you get confused and ask how you can be living so many lifetimes, remember that you are Infinite Spirit, and in my belief, connected to all other Infinite Spirit. So in essence any experience anyone has can be “yours.”

Many of your Past Lives may not actually be lived experiences, but a vibrational memory of something that happened in a lived experience you are energetically connected to. Karmic “junk” like repressed emotions, fears, vows you made, and times you forgot your power can cause havoc in your everyday life now because energetically that “junk” is still around.

A past life regression can help you power through the stuffed karma closet you’ve been avoiding so your life can feel empowering and joyful. You’ll be amazed at how light and free you feel right away, and the life-changing results are so effortless they often go unoticed until you look back and see how different your life has become 2-3 months following the session.

Discover how your past can benefit your life NOW.


Some of the ways a past life regression can help you:

  • Reclaim wisdom from your Soul that has been ‘lost’ in your subconscious memory
  • Unlock your powers of intuition and spirituality
  • Discover why you identify with certain places, cultures and time periods
  • Apply the lessons learned in past lives to your current life
  • Release vows of poverty or playing small
  • Heal karma through forgiveness of past life situations
  • Reduce or eliminate fears and phobias that stem from past lives
  • End old patterns of thought, feeling or action by healing the situations that created them.
  • Activate skills and talents from past lives
  • Free yourself to live with a blank slate and create the life you desire


Past Life Regression changes your life in only 2 hours. **


What was your story

T. considered himself a moral person and often felt the need to act honorably, even to the point of disregarding his own desires and needs. He wanted to experience more freedom in his life. During his past life session, T discovered himself as a Samurai warrior who was about to commit Seppuku – a ritual suicide – to regain his honor and keep himself from being shamed. Together we called in a Japanese Aikido (martial arts) Master to counsel him in a way to maintain his honor without killing himself. T. laid down his sword and from that moment forward became in his words “a warrior of peace.”


R. felt like an outsider and was frustrated at feeling misunderstood much of the time. During the past life session, we discovered a life when R. was able to speak to plants using song, and the plants responded with music. There was no need to prune plants, they simply talked to each other and agreed where and how to grow to best suit the needs of the people and the plant kingdom. Upon returning to consciousness after the session, R. reported feeling ‘special’ and ‘gifted’ to be different from others.


I. wanted to know why she couldn’t let go of the intense emotions she felt about a breakup, even though she was aware that the relationship wasn’t what she wanted. During her regression she saw that in a past life she had been abandoned by her lover. She recognized the past life lover as her partner from present day life. In the past I. died alone and bitter, continuing to blame her lover. She chose to forgive the lover and release the resentment of the past, setting I. free to welcome new, loving relationships free from abandonment issues.


A young woman, J. felt great sadness about the adventurous life of travel and exploration she had chosen, because her family didn’t understand her choices. She wanted to feel free and joyful about following her heart. In her regression, J. discovered that she had been a mermaid who chose to leave the sea and walk on land as a representative of the ocean beings in a great conference between humans, star people, ocean dwellers and beings from far and wide in the cosmos. She experienced many great things, and learned about cultures and ways of life she had never dreamed of before, while representing her people and ancestry in a cosmic alliance. When she returned to the ocean, it was never the same, and no longer felt like home. She spent the rest of her life traveling around from world to world as an ambassador, but carried the loneliness of being rejected by her ocean family because she had been so changed by her experiences. I guided J. through releasing the sadness, loneliness and sense of displacement from the past, and today she is happily traveling, learning about many cultures and traditions, and working as an ambassador of unity between all people.

the new you

Ready to clear the past and create a bright new future?

 “I didn’t even know if I believed in past lives. I totally do now! Thank you for helping me acknowledge my power and abilities beyond what I ever dreamed possible.”

“I’ve been interested in past lives for a long time, and knew I had some trauma to clear. I felt so safe and nurtured, even when viewing my death. It was great to hover in the golden bubble and see the whole picture so I could finally be at peace.”

“I knew the panic and fear I felt about my health concern was coming from a past life. Thank you for helping me heal the trauma to my body in the past life. My tests came back all clear!”

“After suffering from ‘white coat syndrome’ and being terrified of doctors, the past life work and other hypnosis we did really helped me find the perfect surgeon and prepare my body for a successful procedure. It feels good to be back to my normal activities!”

Two Hour Past Life Session 


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What are you waiting for?

Discover the gifts your past can offer, and release the rest. Free yourself to live in the present with nothing holding you back.


“I doubled my income with no extra effort after releasing my vows of poverty from my life as an ascetic spiritual teacher. My energy was so committed to giving up everything that I literally repelled money. I am so grateful!”


“After clearing the trauma of being raped in a past life, I no longer feel afraid all the time. I’m attracting healthy, loving partners now too. THANK YOU!”


“My psychic and intuitive abilities have exploded since my regression session! I was tortured and killed for having foresight, and the subconscious fear was blocking my abilities to know the truth. It is safe now, and I can help others too!”


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** All Sessions Conducted via Phone. A recording of your Past Life Regression Hypnosis is available on request.


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