Your MAGICAL life is waiting...

Are you ready to receive it?!

The Angels and Guides are non-religious and non-denominational. 

They are here for EVERYONE, and their love is unconditional.

Their messages are encouraging and supportive.

They will never communicate harshly or through fear.

All healing comes from God/Source/Universe/Higher Self.

Regardless of the word you use, the Higher Wisdom that assists you is the Source of all healing. 

Month-by-Month Guidance in 2018

Your Future Self already knows what the new year holds. With her Guidance, you can stop worrying about unexpected circumstances.

Prepare for upcoming challenges ahead of time, make decisions with confidence, and make 2018 YOUR year!

2018 Future Self Forecast:

  • 12 Oracle/Tarot Cards – one for each month
  • 120 minute reading by phone or Zoom video chat
  • $222 USD


Future Self Forecast

 $222 USD

Soul Scrub

Psychic Energy Reading

$144 USD

Co-Create Your Life With Spirit

Gain clarity and inspiration about your most challenging situations. All problems have a solution.

Intuitive Spiritual Guidance helps you scrub off the illusions, cleanse your chakras, and clearly receive Divine messages.

Soul Scrub Psychic Energy Reading:

  • 60 minute reading by phone or Zoom video chat
  • $144 USD

Relieve Physical and Emotional Pain

The Angels love and care for us so much that they are willing to lift our pain and suffering FOR us.

I work with the Archangels and the entire Angelic Realm, along with Reiki and Quantum Healing.

Angelic Healing:

  • 60 minute healing by phone or Zoom video chat
  • $50 USD

Angelic Healing

Reiki and Angel Frequencies

$50 USD

Past Life Regression

Resolve Your Karma

$222 USD

Break the Chains of the Past

Visit 2-4 Past Lives in a related theme to heal and free you in this life. View what happened, receive messages from your Higher Self, and transform the situation.

Finish with a visit to your future self for a sneek peek!

Past Life Regression:

  • 2 hour hypnosis session by phone with recording
  • $222 USD

Questions? Let's chat!

Intuitive Spiritual Guidance and Healing with the Angels

 Confusion, limited choices and physical or emotional suffering are far too common in our everyday lives. And truly, these conditions are not MEANT to be our everyday reality. It’s not being ungrateful to acknowledge that these experiences suck, and you want something better. The Universe, God, the Angels all want MORE for you!

I have been blessed with the ability to communicate clearly and accurately with multidimensional beings like Angels, Spirit Guides, and even at times our Future Selves. In every interaction, I am assured that the only design of the Universe is of radiant happiness, health and wellbeing for each person, situation, and living thing on planet Earth.

LIFE is eternal, infinite, and abundantly expanding! There is no death, only refusal to grow and evolve.

With that principle in mind, I use my gifts of Intuitive Spiritual Guidance and Healing to deliver messages, explain Universal Truths, and facilitate physical and emotional transformation so that together we can remember and experience our radiant health and happiness. All is well in “Heaven,” the realm of Eternal Life, now and forever. Together, we bring Heaven to Earth by accepting ourselves fully, growing and evolving as Divine Human BEings.

Choose from a Reading, Angel Healing, or Past Life Transformation, and say YES to your Miracle!




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